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Please forward this error vw lupo manual pdf to 137. Volkswagen said the name CC stands for Comfort Compact, recognizing its combination of a coupe-like profile with four rather than two doors. At its launch in 2008, Volkswagen forecast 300,000 sales over a period of seven years.

With the revised version, Volkswagen promotes the CC as having “sports car” dynamics, but road tests indicate that “calling the CC a sport sedan is completely misleading. Automotive journalists describe the CC sedan’s ride as “nearly sports car firm, with every bump and undulation sent directly to your backside. 0 litre petrol inline four, a 2. The North American market has the 2. On the European market, the CC was offered with 4MOTION four wheel drive on the 2.

A restyling to the CC was presented at the LA Auto Show, and production started in January 2012. The front and rear were revised to make the CC look similar to the current Volkswagen design, while the midsection is unchanged. Interior changes included a minor design change to the center console, with an updated ACC control panel. This design is also used in the Passat Alltrack. European engine options remain the same as for the 2011 Passat CC. Transmission options were carried over from the previous version, but the diesel automatic transmission now has with a free wheel function that is claimed to reduce fuel consumption by disengaging the clutch, when the driver lifts their foot from the accelerator.

The XDS electronic differential brake also used in the Golf GTI will be available as standard and optional equipment. Initially available only in V6 as an AWD alternative, but diesel versions became available during 2012. Availability of diesel 4WD varies by market. As in North America, the Passat CC, from the restyling of 2012, drop the Passat name and be called Volkswagen CC. In January 2013 the optional 2.

The maximum torque increased from 350 to 380 Nm. EA288 engine complying with the Euro 6 emissions standard which replaced the previous EA189. Maximum torque remained at 380 Nm. The transmission that is paired with the V6 in the North American market is a traditional hydraulic automatic transmission, whereas in other markets, such as the European, it is a DSG transmission. Warren Scott, Tom Onslow-Cole and Aiden Moffat raced in the 2013 British Touring Car Championship season. With only 3,900 units sold in 2015, the CC was one of the lowest selling models in the Volkswagen range and in need of replacement. It was scoring at the bottom of the rankings even with one of the lowest price points in its target market segment.

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