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Your browser will redirect toddler busy book pdf your requested content shortly. Being a toddler is all about action. These tips for parents of toddlers are also available as a one-page handout to download and print.

Don’t expect your toddler to sit still for a book Toddlers need to move, so don’t worry if they act out stories or just skip, romp, or tumble as you read to them. They may be moving, but they are listening. Recite rhymes, sing songs, and make mistakes! Pause to let your toddler finish a phrase or chant a refrain. Once your toddler is familiar with the rhyme or pattern, make mistakes on purpose and get caught.

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Choose engaging books Books featuring animals or machines invite movement and making sounds. Books with flaps or different textures to touch keep hands busy. Books with detailed illustrations or recurring items hidden in the pictures are great for exploring and discussing. Keep reading short, simple, and often Toddlers frequently have shorter attention spans than babies. Look for text that is short and simple. Read a little bit, several times a day.