Thyristor working principle pdf

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For information about the author, click here. Readers are urged to comment on these articles. Why was the Western Electric 500D telephone set not called the 500B? Windows users: Click on the title to view the article, or right-click and make the appropriate selection to download the article. This practice is deprecated by the general standards for scientific units. However, we find no justification for stating the sizes of files here in that unit.

This article gives more information on this matter. The Canon Speedlite 550EX flash unit provides vertical head tilt for bounce flash operation. Other tilt angles are useful for various work. This article describes the modification of the 550EX to add further positions to the detent.

Many digital image files accommodate metadata items we may describe as annotation, human-oriented information about the image or its circumstances. In this article we describe three classes of such annotation data items. We also discuss the way several image-manipulation software packages allow us to view, add, or change annotation data. This primarily relates to a lens aberration called astigmatism. In this article, we discuss astigmatism and the significance of the terms meridional and sagittal.

20 pages, 4270 words 9 figures. EOS digital SLR cameras as a fraction of the depth of focus. Of interest in relating this specification to its impact on actual photographic work is how this relates to depth of field. In this article, we describe that relationship, as well as the basic significance of the specification, and of depth of focus itself. Understanding of its significance is elusive.