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Silver Link Publishing Ltd published its first book some 30 Years ago when the company was based in Carnforth in Lancashire. Following the silk road book pdf change of ownership in 1990 the company moved south to its current location. There have been many customers who have been with us throughout those almost 30 years.

Many of the preserved railways and heritage sites throughout the country stock a growing selection. We also provide a mail order service see ordering information for more details. We also supply books by Mail Order Please call us on 01536 330588 for a paper version of our full catalogue – subject to availability. 9 I’ll send you a high-res, print-worthy PDF! A subway-style diagram of the major Roman roads, based on the Empire of ca. Creating this required far more research than I had expected—there is not a single consistent source that was particularly good for this. How long would it actually take to travel this network?

That depends a lot on what method of transport you are using, which depends on how much money you have. In the summer, it would take you about two months to walk on foot from Rome to Byzantium. If you had a horse, it would only take you a month. However, no sane Roman would use only roads where sea travel is available. Rome to Byzantium in about 25 days, Rome to Carthage in 4-5 days. I decided not to include maritime routes on the map for simplicity’s sake.

Creative liberties taken The biggest creative element was choosing which roads and cities to include, and which to exclude. There is no way I could include every Roman road, these are only the main ones. I tried to include cities with larger populations, or cities that were provincial capitals around the 2nd century. The way we travel on roads is very different from rail, which is a slight flaw in the concept of the map. But I think it’s still aesthetically pleasing and informative. The Via Latina I combined with the Via Popilia.

In reality the Popilia ended at Capua, and the Latina went from Capua to Rome. Via Asturica Burdigalam similarly only refers to the Astrurica-Burdigala section. Via Hadriana was a real road in Egypt, but it refers to a slightly different section than the green route. Via Valeria only referred to a section of the yellow Sicilian loop. The roads around Pisae, Luna and Genua had several names for different sections, including Via Aemilia Scauri.

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