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Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Summer work available pet objective cambridge pdf and dismantling marquees. Immediate start, full time work until October.

I lost a small gold teardrop earring between mill close and Buntings path, on Saturday 24th January, a last hope that someone might have picked it up. He has a white fur on his chin and emerald eyes. He has a microchip with my name and address. We love him very much and we would be grateful if anyone can give us any information.

Looking for some where local to keep a mini digger which is safe and secure preferably in a barn or undercover. Car key on ring lost in Parsonage Lane – identifiable by orange feather token. We are seeking a professional individual as a driver to support our ever growing corporate service. The role involves chauffeuring our corporate clients to and from our Hotel. 6pm, Monday to Friday as and when required. In the absence of collection requirements, you will be responsible for looking after the up-keep and appearance of our vehicle.

This position would suit a retired individual who is passionate about providing excellent guest experience. Massage Therapists to work part-time on Saturdays and evenings. Walking along Silver Street between Toyse Lane and North. 00 this evening I spotted a gold coloured chain next to the kerb. I searched online for ‘Burwell lost property’ and was led here. If anyone is missing a chain that was last seen in Silver Street, please get in touch.

There are planning applications to place 20 gas powered generators on Reach Road. Each generator has a huge 89 litre fossil fuelled engine. These generators could power two city’s the size of Cambridge and yet most villagers were not aware of this application to build this power station. Noise is set to be reflected over the Swaffham side of the village and the nearby nature reserves.

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One aspect of particular concern is the effect it will have on the barn owls ability to hunt on the fields nearby to the site. Barn owls are sensitive to noise, they can’t hunt effectively with background noise as they must hear their prey. Noise is planned to be directed over their hunting grounds. NOx air pollution emission from the plant which causes acid rain and heath problems, will be blown over the village by the dominant south westerly wind.

For a village famous for its clunch stone, which is very sensitive to acid erosion this is not good news for our heritage. There is no need to locate the plant where they plan on the edge of the village. In memory of a son of Burwell, Arthur Martin professional soldier and countryman passed away Sunday 14th May in Auckland New Zealand aged 95. Proud veteran of the forgotten 14th and the Glider Pilot regiment.

He travelled far and wide but kept Burwell close to his heart. Easter egg trail, crafts, games and refreshments for the whole family. Sunday 16th and Monday 17th 11am-5pm. Chocolate prize for every egg hunter. Update: REUNITED – Bella found safe, well and now back home! Found by a neighbour a few houses away. We wish to thank everyone for helping.

Seeking help from any FULLER in Burwell. I have sorted most of the names on the war memorial but two are very confusing. The A could be Alfred, but he is also recorded as William Alfred, in fact I do believe the W FULLER is in fact William Alfred. There was an Alex FULLER born in Burwell in 1881 but who moved from the village and was killed late in 1918.