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That’s right, you can be “one in a million,” according to the vision given by God to Dr. Joseph Kostelnik–to train one million believers for the ministry, who will also use what they’ve learned to train others! We’ve made some big changes to our second and third courses! The book Prayer in the Spirit: The Missing Link is now part of the Diploma in the Deaconate course! It’s been added to the end of the course, as we want its teachings to reach more people as we encourage believers to receive and enjoy the blessed gift that the Father offers to all His children through the Promised Holy Spirit! Kostelnik’s newest book, The Lord’s Supper: The Miracle, Mystery, and Majesty of “Real Presence”, has been added to the Diploma in Ministry course, in place of the now moved Prayer in the Spirit book!

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The doctrine of the Lord’s Supper is another blessed gift of God to His church, and Dr. If you have already registered for these courses in the past, we encourage you to download the updated copies below and study them again. The exams have been updated to reflect the new material as well! If you’ve yet to register for them, then we’re excited for you to see them once you choose to take those courses!