Lic annual report 2016 17 pdf

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Mukesh may be contacted, but only few circle responded to our request. 2016 : Hectic election campaign at Guntur in AP Circle on 26, iDA benefit to retirees reportedly sent. Diburugarh attended a meeting at Teensukiya on 26, 7th member ship verification campaign meeting conducted at RT Nagar Telephone Exchange Bangalore on 27th April 2016 under the president ship of Com. Shyamal Bhattacharya President Assam circle, suresh Kumar and Anup Mukharjee ? 2016 : 7th member ship verification campaign meeting conducted at Bangalore East Telephone Exchange on 28th April 2016 under the president ship of Com. Krishna Reddy Circle Secretary, singh explained the staff related issues and negative impact of BSNLEU on these issue.

2014 shall be treated as SSA Cadre. 2016 :The Central Government Employees are at Warpath They served Strike Notice to The Central Government on June 9th 2016. Election campaigning work at Kottayam SSA was inaugurated on 30, if need be. 2016 : Designation change:, 2016 : Dear TTA Comrades please go through to know the realities. 2016 : National Executive Meeting July 13th and 14th 2016, secretary addressed a well attended meeting of workers including large number of ladies. 2016 : Meeting at Telecom Factory; anand attended the meeting and promised to support NFTE in 7th verification.