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About Us Eugene Musical Instrument Co. Eugene has made a lot of innovations and improvements. There have been several questions posted to the FAQ that are related to ear training including finding the pitch, singing the right notes and singing whilst playing an instrument so we decided it was time to extend this section to provide a few easily accessable answers. Pitch’ and how can you identify it?

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Notes on a piano produce a fixed sound when played which do not go up or down but gradually fade away. Many instruments including the human voice are capable of producing infinate numbers of fixed sounds between any two notes on a piano with only tiny differences between them. However, all instruments and singing voices normally only use the particluar notes of the piano. When guitarists tune their guitars, they are trying to find exactly the one fixed sound they want – other notes in the music will be played in relation to this one note.

The word ‘Pitch’ refers to the height or depth of sound. Ear Training or Pitch Exercises are the terms used to describe the method of teaching and learning how to identify a note and sing in tune with the note or chord that is played. Why do I need to learn how to pitch a note to the music? My friend can do this and she hasn’t had lessons – but I can’t – why is this? Some people are born with an excellent ‘ear’ for music and are naturally talented, but most singers need to learn and practice the art before it becomes second nature. How can I tell if I am on pitch or not? Record yourself singing along to a song that you know well and listen back to your efforts – are the notes you sing melodic, are they exactly the same as the singers or do they sound harsh, sharp or flat?

If the latter is the case then you are not singing ‘on pitch’. You can also try recording yourself singing our online scales. If you are singing in key then the notes you sing will sound like the notes that are played. It is also used to describe the ability to sing any note on request without hearing the note played by an instrument. Some people are born with this ability – others need to learn and practise to become competant. I can’t Pitch – am I Tone Deaf? Most people who think they are ‘Tone Deaf’ just need to learn how to listen and practice their pitching skills.

It takes some people longer than others but it CAN be learnt. How can I learn to pitch correctly? The key to recognizing notes, chords and intervals is repeated listening and singing back. Ideally you need a teacher to help you identify how you are progressing but there are exercises provided below for you to practice although you need an instrument to do them. Alternatively you can try the online Ear Training programs or download pitch recognition software listed below. I’ve been playing guitar for some time now and I’m have trouble coming up with the melody notes to sing while I play the harmony on the guitar – can you help? When playing on an A-minor scale.