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Curriculum Vitae Smith Economics Group, Ltd. Consultants and Experts in Economics and Finance. Assisted in the successful resolution of thousands of lawsuits on behalf ibbotson sbbi valuation yearbook 2012 pdf clients that include many dozens of the nation’s largest law firms, the U. Department of Justice, as well as thousands of other prominent plaintiff and defense law firms in almost every state.

Adjunct Professor, College of Law, 1990 to 1994. This was the first course taught nationwide in the area of Forensic Economics. Firm provides consulting to hundreds of the nation’s most prominent money managers, law firms, brokerage firms, and pension funds. Developed and financed sophisticated research, search, and recovery technologies for ancient underwater artifacts. Firm specialized in mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buy-outs, divestitures and financing specialized start-ups with venture capital. Analyzed bank credit and service pricing policies. Federal Reserve System — Staff Economist at Board of Governors, Washington, D.

Support Areas in Finance and Econometrics. Honors: Allied Chemical Scholar and Federal Reserve Internship. The University of Chicago is recognized as a world preeminent institution for the study of Economics and the home of the Law and Economics movement. Financial Experts, Journal of Legal Economics, Manuscript Referee, 199x-2008. Vol 13, Am Jur Proof of Facts 2d on Hedonic Damages.

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