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K’NaaN:   Is Anybody Out There? Kris Kristofferson:  Help Me Make It Through The Night  Why Me Lord? Kristen Bell:   Do You Want To Build A Snowman? This article needs additional citations for verification. Goodnight Mister Tom is a 1998 film adaptation by Carlton Television of the book of the same name by Michelle Magorian.

It was the final film to be directed by Jack Gold. This episode’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. In September 1939, the United Kingdom entered the Second World War and children were evacuated from London to the countryside for their safety. Tom Oakley, a lonely and bitter old man living in the countryside village of Little Weirwold, is forced to look after one of the evacuees, William “Willie” Beech. Despite initial difficulties and tension, such as Willie wetting his bed and threatening Tom’s dog, Sammy, before learning that he belonged to Tom, the two slowly begin to bond, with Willie calling his new guardian ‘Mister Tom’. Tom learns that Willie lives with his abusive, mentally ill and extremely religious mother in London after he sees that she has sent a belt for him to use on Willie, as well as a number of belt marks on Willie’s back. When Willie reunites with his mother, he discovers that she lied to get him to return and is completely fine.

Willie also meets his baby half-sister, Trudy. Beech claims is a “present from Jesus”, and Willie is too young and naïve to consider any other scenario. It is obvious, however, that Mrs. After spending the night in an air raid shelter, Tom enlists the help of an A.

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