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Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Newborn monument, the Kosovo Government Building and the Skanderbeg monument, modern Pristina, The Gërmia National Park, Mother Factors affecting tourism development pdf Square, and a panoramic view of the city.

Tourism in Pristina attracted 36,186 foreign visitors in 2012, which represents 74. Pristina is the first touristic destination in Kosovo and the main air gateway to Kosovo. The number of foreign visitors that have visited Prishtina during 2012 grew by more than 10 thousand visitors since 2008, when there were 25,434 visitors. Since 2009, Kosovo Tourism Association organizes an annual Tourism Fair in Pristina, which is intended to attract foreign visitors to Kosovo. Pristina has played a very important role during the World War II, being a shelter for Jews, whose cemeteries now can be visited.

Coffee bars are a representative icon of Prishtina and they can be found almost everywhere and are also centers of different festivals and events. In the region of Prishtina there is Gracanica monastery, which is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The table below shows the number of national and international visitors and the number of nights spent in Prishtina from 2008 until 2012. As it can be seen from the table, one of the most successful year for tourism in Prishtina was the year 2012.

Tourism is showing some positive indications that it is improving in Kosovo and also in Prishtina. People’s hospitality, traditional food, delicious coffee, a lot of festivals and events, dynamic nightlife, different styles of architecture and cultural heritage are some of the main factors that affect Prishtina’s tourism. National Museum of Kosovo has a collection of more than 50 thousand exhibits of different profiles, from archaeology, technology, history, nature, entoculture, folklore, heritage and almost everything that shows the history of Kosovo in different times, from the Neolithic era, 6 thousand years BC, until today. The Ethnological Museum Emin Gjiku is an integral part of the National Museum of Kosovo in Prishtina, located in the old housing complex, consisting of four buildings, two of which date from the eighteenth century and two others from the nineteenth century. The concept of the Ethnological Museum is based on four topics which represent the life cycle including birth, life, death and spiritual heritage.

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