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Download the free trial version below to get started. Double-click the downloaded file to install the software. The Premium Edition adds important features such as complete software maintenance, security advisory, frequent minor upgrade versions, downloads, Pack exports and imports, 24×7 scheduling and more. Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it. You can choose your language settings from within the program.

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Regular users in need of a free website, programmers and developers searching for a fast prototyping solution, designers trying to focus on the visual side of things. Easy-to-use intuitive interface with almost no learning curve involved, vast variety of predefined blocks and functions, strong supporting community. If a website building novice asks me to point them in the direction of a totally free website creator, it will now be high on my list of recommendations. Website Maker is a refresher on the two solutions for building websites that load as well on mobile devices as they do on desktops. Free Easy Website Builder Review on About.

For me, Mobirise seemed like a Lego project made with a collection or building blocks Produce sites that shine in a mobile world! Drag and drop blocks and build websites in mere minutes! Easy Website Builder is definitely one of the easiest software solution for website building. Website Builder Software looks great, is genuinely easy to use, and allows you to build stylish and attractive websites with no hassles at all. View more about best web design software.

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SEO friendly The internal organization of the generated web pages is set in a search engines friendly way so even if you don’t know much about SEO your sites will still get a warm welcome from Google. Bootstrap based The blocks provided with the Easy Website Builder are powered by the latest fourth version Bootstrap framework ensuring your visitors a fluent and comfortable experience with your websites. Modern blocks The blocks included following the latest trends in web design offering you multiple predefined appearances and functionalities right out of the box. Animations Create websites with professional animations without knowing a thing about the code by just turning on the integrated animation function. Google fonts Utilize the most common and useful fonts from Google just selecting them from the dropdown in the inline editor like you would in a regular desktop app. Icon font Have on your side a powerful library of more than six thousand icon font available in various colors and sizes to best fit your design needs. Images optimization Optionally you can leave the Easy Website Builder engine to take care for your images resampling them for best web performance without significant loss of quality.

Drag-n-drop creation Just like building with your hands all you’ll need to do is drag blocks from the palette and drop them at the places you think they should tile in your project. You can always drag any block to a new position if needed. Multiple projects Unlimited number of projects you can create with free easy website builder. And unlimited number of the pages included in a particular project. Easy block params settings  Each block carries its own control panel with easily adjustable settings to help you swiftly achieve the desired appearance fitting your needs. Global style changer Pursuing the most appealing look you can change the entire looks of your site through the Style Editor control panel altering options like main color scheme in a click.