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Partagez vos résultats de recherches et publiez votre article dans la revue Demographic techniques pollard pdf Nutrition ! The Global Fruit and Veg Newsletter is a monthly newsletter distributing to 29 countries involved in the promotion of the consumption of fruit and vegetable worldwide to improve Public Health. The articles published are scientifically based and come from the literature review. This newsletter replaces the Ifava Scientific Newsletter published since 2006.

Extract : ” Numerous environmental factors can be instrumental in the onset of allergic conditions such as asthma or eczema. While tobacco and other pollutants are well-identified factors, the role of foodis not as well known. The first article is from a recent review conducted by an Australian team detailing literature on the consumption of fruit and vegetables and asthma. Two epidemiological studies are then described. Extract : ” Asthma is a chronic lung inflammation, combined with a respiratory tract reduction, bronchial hyperresponsiveness and symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, dyspnoea and chest tightness. It is dependent on genetic and environmental factors.

Article 2 : How can diet and maternal education impact allergies among preschool children? Extract : ” The prevalence of asthma and allergy has increased among children. Environmental factors, particularly unhealthy nutritional family habits during the prenatal and early life, changes of lifestyle behaviors and dietary patterns might be the cause of this increase. Although evidences are unclear until now, nutrition could be responsible of the development of asthma and allergic disease.

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