Clean up scanned pdf

For those of you that still use hard copies for all your important documents, or have physical business cards, photographs, whiteboards, and other important information that are looking for a way to digitize it and even modify clean up scanned pdf after the fact, Microsoft’s Office Lens app will be your best friend. Office Lens, which is a free download from the App Store, allows you to scan these kinds of information and media and can create software versions of them to make sharing and editing easier so you can get rid of the filing cabinet taking up space in your home or office. In this tutorial, we’ll give you some background on the app and show you how you can use it to scan and then edit documents in Word. It then uses complex scaling algorithms to straighten the content of the document and then allows you to share, export, or edit it.

Indeed it feels like the app is a very useful utility that Microsoft is practically giving away in the App Store. With that being said, let’s show you how the app works. After giving it permission, you can follow these steps to scan a paper document and then edit it with Word for iOS, which is also a free download from the App Store, but requires an Office 365 subscription in order to unlock all of its editing features. Find a document you wish to scan. For our example, we’ll be scanning a sample letter. From the Office Lens app, rotate the selector dial above the shutter button to the type of media you’ll be scanning. Point the camera on your iOS device towards the document with as clear of a shot of the text as possible, and watch carefully as Office Lens frames the document.

When the frames have accurately aligned with the document, as they have in the screenshot example above, tap on the shutter button to snap a picture of the document. Office Lens will now scale the document and removes odd angles in the alignment. With the cropping interface open, tap and drag on any of the four anchor points to move the frames around to fine-tune any framing imperfections. Sharing in any of the options available to you in the iOS share sheet, such as Mail, Messages, Notes, etc.

The app will begin processing the document photograph and transforming it into a . Once finished, tap on it to open it. The Word app on your iOS device will launch, then it will download and process the file. Well that’s only one part of Office Lens. The app also works with whiteboards, business cards, and photographs.

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