Car wash training manual pdf

Monitor, Manage, and Market Your Car Wash! This outdoor, unattended, point-of-sale payment terminal welcomes customers to your wash, provides clear and inviting upsell opportunities, and increases car wash training manual pdf customer throughput and sales. IMPROVED THE BOTTOM LINE WHILE MAINTAINING OUR FULL SERVICE BUSINESS! After thoroughly considering the options, we decided on the Auto Sentry Express Pay Station for a dedicated express exterior lane at our existing full-Service carwash.

ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I MADE WAS TO INSTALL THE ICS AUTO SENTRY! One of the best decisions I made was to install the ICS Auto Sentry and convert to a flex service business model. On busy days, I can wash cars as fast as they arrive, and on slow days, I do not have the large labor burden. THE WBC HAS BEEN A GREAT ADDITION. WE NO LONGER WORRY ABOUT DAMAGES!

The WBC has been a great addition for controlling our car wash equipment. By adding the pickup bed sensor we no longer worry about damages from our top washer and dryers. HAS OPENED NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR EXPANDED PROFITABLE GROWTH! ICS has been awesome and I am so grateful that we chose them to do our first project. OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE THE WASH CLUB PROGRAMS! Our customers love the club programs.

We have multiple sites and they can visit any one of our washes and qualify under the same club program. It really makes it convenient for our clientele. Exit Management System, and their new Digital Menu. I HAVE BEEN PLEASED BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS! I met Cory after purchasing ICS Pay Stations for my carwash. Within 2 days, he had emailed me his design and I was absolutely blown away! Not only was his design totally awesome, it far exceeded all expectations I had for a 2.

Now, each time Cory emails me a new file to review, my heart rate goes through the roof because I know what I’m about to see will be more than fabulous! I have been pleased beyond my wildest dreams with the wrap-around service provided by Cory and ICS. If you need signage and realize that the PERFECT graphic and theme is imperative for creating that first impression for your customers, it’s Cory and ICS – Hands down! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE EXCELLENT TRAINING! We thank Jessy, Adam, Mike, and Kevin very much for the excellent training you provided to us yesterday while we visited the ICS complex.

It was a little over a two-hour drive, but it was well worth it because you reinforced things we already knew and taught us things we did not know before. We liked your method of classroom training and discussion and then the visual and hands-on with the equipment. We also enjoyed the trip to the Sparkle Car Wash, what an amazing operation and prototype. Thank you for providing lunch for us as well.