Arinc 404a specification pdf

Page 3 Added reference arinc 404a specification pdf verifying ADS-B Out functionality 5-10 5. 7 Added display contrast info 5-19 5. 14 Updated GPS config page info 5-21 5. Page 4 NOTE Throughout this document references made to GTX 330 shall equally apply to the GTX 330 and the GTX 330D except where specifically noted.

Levels for the GTX 330 and GTX 330D Mode S Transponders. Mod Levels are listed with the associated service bulletin number, service bulletin date, and the purpose of the modification. Page 7: Table Of Contents 2. 6 Installation Approval Considerations for Pressurized Aircraft. Page 8: Table Of Contents A.

A-3 Appendix B VERSION 1 ADS-B FIELD APPROVAL COMPLIANCE MATRIX B-1 Appendix C ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION DRAWINGS . 330D Installation Manual 190-00207-02 Page vi Rev. Page 9: Table Of Contents Figure C-3 GTX 330 Recommended Panel Cutout Dimensions . C-3 Appendix D INTERCONNECT DRAWINGS . 500 Series Units, Typical Interconnect Wiring Diagram .

500 Series Units ADS-B Interconnect . 500W Series Units ADS-B TX Only Interconnect . 7XX Simplified Interconnect Wiring Diagram . Page 11: Table Of Contents Table 5-3 Display Mode Selections5-7 Table 5-4 Display Backlight Selections.

5-7 Table 5-5 Backlight Source Selections . Page 12: Table Of Contents Table 5-25 Received Labels and Data from EFIS Display. FMS 5-25 Table 5-27 Received Labels and Data from Garmin Display. 5-25 Table 5-28 Received Labels and Data from ARINC 743A . Page 13: Section 1 General Description This manual is intended to provide mechanical and electrical information for use in the planning and design of an installation of the GTX 330 into an aircraft. This manual is not a substitute for an approved airframe-specific maintenance manual, installation design drawing, or complete installation data package. The GTX 330 is configured with all key controls.